This page describes some items of software that I have written.
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Medit or Med (for Marks Editor) is a command-line text editor, that is designed to be easy to use & learn but also fairly powerful, for those who hate vi and emacs.

It runs on Windows via Cygwin, Solaris, Linux and should run on most other flavours of Unix.  It uses the Curses & PCRE libraries.

It works with ASCII 8-bit text only, and it's not aware of international character sets.

Keyboard mapping can be customised, and this is highly recommended as the default keymapping is, of necessity, a bit primitive.

There is a ready-built executable for Windows (via Cygwin), but otherwise you will need to have access to a C compiler and the Curses & PCRE libraries and build it yourself.

Latest version is 5.84.  This contains a bug fix - it is highly recommended that you upgrade from older versions.

Also available on Sourceforge.



Timelog is a small GUI time logging utility written in Perl using the PerlTk library.

It runs under Windows & all flavours of Unix.  Included in the download is a shortcut for use on Windows, which runs Timelog in such a way that gets rid of an annoying DOS box that would otherwise pop up from the PerlTk library.

The first time you run the program it will prompt you to give permission to create a new empty data file in the current directory.  The data file will be called timelog.dat


The Computer Registration Integretated System (Project) is a Computer Account Provisioning and Identity Management System designed & built by myself & a colleague at the University of Sheffield.

The system controls many aspects of account administration on most of the University services and application systems, including the automatic the deletion of unused accounts.  It also controls many aspects of email account administration and the automatic expiry of identity swipe cards.

The GUI front-end is written using Oracle Forms, the end-user Web interfaces and the backend stuff is written in Perl.

I was the lead designer/programmer for the project.  This system is documented here for informational purposes only and is not available for download.